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November 18, 2015

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What do you do with your spare change?  My husband likes to collect it - mainly in the ashtray of his car, which comes in handy when he's out of cash at the fast food drive through.  As for me, I hate change.  Spare change that is...coins.  They weigh me down, bulk up my wallet and I am always looking for ways to get rid of my coins.


spare change

Funny thing is, while I am always looking to get rid of my spare change, I have learned to enjoy life change.  Yes, at times I am even thankful for it!  Personal change, professional change, you name it, I am OK with it.  And while for many years I treated life change like I do spare change, trying to get rid of it, my feelings have evolved because of what change can produce. 

I have learned to look forward to change because I know when the window of change opens and I am ready, I can draft. Yes, just like the race car, I try to draft off the personal or professional change and move forward with priorities and possibilities that improve my life and those I do life with.  Possibilities to improve a team design, or deliver company savings.   Priorities that create new habits or lead to better health (like getting a new knee for me last year).  In fact that is how I landed here at grace camp consulting llc, which was created out of an unexpected change.

Whatever change is next, I try to be ready to draft off of it when the window opens.  And while the change may or may not have been planned....may or may not have been thing I know for sure is that I can leverage it to move forward.  Move forward with those possibilities I have been collecting.  Plus, at the same time enjoy personal, professional and/or spiritual growth.  Always.

So, how about you?  How do you do change? What changes are you thankful for?

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