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October 20, 2016

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Traveled back east to my roots earlier this month.  The trip started in Connecticut and ended up in Easton, PA where my college basketball team was honored at homecoming for being the first team to ever win the conference championship...31 years ago!  It was good to see former teammates and reminisce on our time together.  What we accomplished was both significant and also a breakthrough for the Lafayette College Women's Basketball program.  And while I was proud to be a member and co-captain of this team, the funny thing is, we barely spoke about the wins. Nor the championship. Or the fact that this team was also the first (and only) to ever be awarded a post-season tournament invitation. We didn't speak about it because it is ancient history. We didn't speak about it because we knew what we accomplished...


Basketball team

...and we knew what mattered. Our team. Our friendships. Our support of one another toward a common goal. Relationships that while mostly ignored for the past 30 years, were able to pick up right where they were left because of what we did, together. It was great to see these amazing women who accomplished something that hasn't been replicated in three decades. But that isn't what we focused on. That isn't what we talked about. We talked about stories of people, not the wins. Of getting in trouble, not the games. Of getting away with trouble, not stats. We laughed a lot. We also talked about what we learned and how we applied what we learned to our lives. It was such a treat and a gift. It also was a great reminder of what matters. Relationships.

Basketball champions

And while winning is certainly fun, how you treat people as you compete is what lasts. How you lead people. How you respect people. How you encourage people. And when done well and with good intentions, you can change the world. Or in our case change a little slice of Lafayette College's world.

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Kate Johnson
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