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November 17, 2016

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November is one of my favorite months...because it is my Birthday month, as well as Thanksgiving...and also when I get a whole new wardrobe!  Kind of.  It is the time of the year when I usually turn over my closet...out with the spring/summer wear and in with cold weather attire.  Turtle necks and boots!!  While the actual process of changing my closet is not something I look forward to, the outcome is certainly satisfying.  It is also a time when I take inventory of what I haven't worn.  Those special sale items or perfect articles of clothing that never left the hanger nor shed their price tag.  A reminder that I have too many clothes and according to my husband too many black boots!  (Impossible!!)


Photo of young woman sitting on overfilled suitcase and holding shoe

Yes, I have too many items to choose from which is not only wasteful but can complicate the decision-making process.  It is the same principle of Efficient Assortment in the CPG industry, where it has been proven that fewer items on a grocery shelf makes the shopping experience better.  Better because shelves with fewer products makes it seem easier to shop AND the shopper believes there are actually more items to choose from!  A great example of Less is More.  

Similar to my closet and many grocery shelves, it is easy to get sucked into having our lives overcrowded.  Too many choices.  So many things we can be involved in...running from one shiny thing to the next.  Overcrowding our days, often at the expense of being present.  Present in the Present.  Making it difficult to pause, savor the moment and hear that still small voice...

be still and know that I am God

So that is what I have been working a gift to myself.  Being more of a human being vs a human doing.  For many years, I bought into the lie that being busy equaled being successful.  And while I am still driven, I am learning to be more purposeful in making choices.  While I still assess the past and plan for the future, I am learning to live much more in the now.  Realizing that being present IS the present, for both me and the people that I serve.  

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Kate Johnson
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