Island of Sanity?

April 28, 2017

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It's always a sad day when I leave Florida for the season.


Our little home in the sunshine state has become an Island of Sanity for me.  An escape from work and winter.    

Not this year however...this year the Island of Sanity was more crazy than sane!  Crazy because we got over booked and it became exhausting.  It's not that we don't enjoy all the activities.  We do.  It was just too much....too much of a good thing.

So what happened!?
What happened is I forgot how to say no.  

Saying no usually isn't difficult for me, but saying yes is definitely easier.  I like to say yes....perhaps because I grew up in sales.  But more likely because I am an optimist and problem solver.  The problem is when I say yes too much.  It can lead to me becoming overextended, exhausted, irritable, and not able to live the purposeful life I want to live.

It was a good lesson learned for me (ok, relearned) and one I plan not to repeat next season.  I have not yet finalized the plan on how to do so, but know it will include some clearer boundaries and an updated CFP. CFP = Conditions For Possibility.  It is a process/worksheet we use in our Managing Corporate Change™ workshop to help create a new possibilities and corresponding conditions for a current/future desired state... Personally or Professionally.     

My spring cleaning clearly is continuing....if you missed it, check out my last blog, Spring Training or Cleaning (March 2017) for some good cleaning tips.

Kate Johnson
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