Spring - A Great Time to Start Something New

April 26, 2018

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Spring - a great time to start something new.  And for a group I had the opportunity to work with recently, that is exactly what they are doing!  

For a change of pace, I thought you might like to hear directly from one of my clients, with whom I recently had the honor to lead a workshop - Enabling Purpose Through Relationship™ 

Even though this organization is already viewed as one of the highest functioning teams within their company, they know they can do better and are committed to doing so.  Coming out of the workshop, they agreed to three action items to help continue to improve how they work as a team. Enjoy reading one of the "new" things they are up to below.  And thanks to Veronica for her willingness to share this information!  


Hi Kate! One of the action items coming out of our workshop was a request for daily encouragement emails.  Knowing that daily would be very hard to sustain we opted for a monthly theme instead.  It was officially kicked off today and I wanted to share with you. Thank you again for investing your time in us!!!

April 2, 2018

"Doesn't it seem most appropriate that the first of this month began with Easter so how could I pick a different theme?  As I considered how to apply this I was observing my family and friends.  My husband fondly referred to yesterday as the, "Superbowl Sunday of Jesus" and my mother-in-law never says, Happy Easter, it is always Happy Resurrection Day.

All that made me think... why is Easter Sunday the "Superbowl" and why can't we think of things in our lives daily under the term of being resurrected instead of only once a year?   I realized, for me personally, I'm generally too busy trying to bury things about myself that I don't like or that I don't want people to know or see instead of concentrating on resurrection.  If only we put as much effort into living on purpose and spent less time focusing on the things that drag us down.  Yes, we all have very real obstacles, but sometimes I wonder if by giving them so much energy, could we be making them into something bigger than they have to be.  And every time I've stopped to help someone, whether with a friend one-on-one or volunteering on a larger scale I realize very quickly that my problems are not so bad. 

Have you ever looked up synonyms to resurrect?  Here are a few:


Bounce back


Come to life




My April challenge is this - Accept the things in your past that you cannot change and let them go.  Recognize the things that you do today that you wish you could bury and look to control the outcome in a way that is now fulfilling.  And, lastly, roll away the stone.  AWAKEN!  Find a blessing each day under your resurrection and come to life!"   

If you are interested in hosting a similar workshop for your in-tact team, please contact me at:  kate@gracecampllc.com

Kate Johnson
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