Waiting and Moving Forward

April 30, 2019

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A short and sweet blog for this month on Waiting and Moving Forward.  

Waiting.  Easier said than done.  Especially when you have a vision.  A goal.  A desire of your heart.  I have been waiting for something, and this month it arrived!  On April 10 I became certified to lead the workshop, Women Moving Forward® after over 2 years of training. The third person ever certified to lead it.  And it all started over 25 years ago.


Women waiting in a line

It started on my first tour of duty in Cincinnati as Unit Manager on Special Assignment for P&G, when an "older" woman approached me (she was the ripe old age of 39 at the time!) I admired and respected Pat, and she suggested I attend a course called Women Moving Forward®.  I didn't know anything about it, but trusted Pat, so I went.  And what I remember most about that three-day workshop I attended was that one day I knew I wanted to lead it.  I wanted to be able to do for other women what that workshop did for me.  I wasn't sure how or when that would happen, but I knew in my heart that it would! 

So this month I would like to share with you a few comments from the women who attended my first solo workshop.  This group worked hard, supported each other and achieved some impressive results! 

"I have more energy and clarity about what I need to do to deliver my business and also what I want for my career."
"This course was an amazing experience.  It allowed us to break down walls that have been put up and work on ourselves...it opened my eyes to themes and patterns I didn't know existed."  
" I am grateful that my company and my GM invested in me attending this training.  It will be life changing." 
"My organization will derive a better employee from participation in this course..."

I want to thank the participants, along with Veronica and Kelly who are the leaders in their company responsible for making this happen!  And most importantly thank Susan, the creator of the workshop, who had the vision over 40 years ago to bring to life this work that has positively impacted thousands of people all over the world.  

Kate Johnson
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