Summer Leadership Series 3: Summer Shutdown

June 28, 2019

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Thanks for your feedback on last month's blog - Second Hand Smoke.  Here are a couple of comments to share with you:

 "A friend just released his book "Memoirs of a Guilty Bystander.' The title came from when he got mugged and while lying stunned under a streetlight a foursome playing cards saw it all and didn't get involved."  - Connie

"A great story!  I definitely try to live my life this way but it can be difficult at times." - Nicole


It is difficult at times!  Which is why this month's topic is about how to help make doing the right thing less difficult.  Summer Shutdown.  This used to be a real thing for manufacturing plants.  It's when the plant would close for maintenance and also when many sales folks would a.) sell as much product to customers as possible before the shut down, so the customer wouldn't run out, and b.) take vacation!  It's also the topic of the first in this summer's leadership series.  And it is about YOU shutting down.  Stepping away.  Refreshing.  Retreating. Reflecting.  Have you scheduled this for yourself this summer?  

This is not a new topic for you.  I am sure you have read many articles on the importance or taking a break.  Of the  "The Importance of Spending Time Alone".  And the reasons why many Americans Don't Take Vacation.

This is also not a new topic to my monthly fact you may remember them:  Three Keys to Authentic Leadership (Feb 2018); The Power of Pause  (Sept 2017); The Business of Busyness  (Nov 2016).

While the messages are different, the desired result is the same.  To reinforce the critical need to pause, create margin, rest, reflect.  And ensure we are better prepared to be our best versions of our selves.  

So, my question to you, as we head into the July 4th holiday week is why not?  If you haven't scheduled this time for yourself yet, why haven't you?  What is getting in your way?  I suspect it is mainly you.  I'd love to hear your responses.    Happy 4th!  

Kate Johnson
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