Dear Control

July 31, 2020

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Earlier this month we held our third virtual connect for graduates of Women Moving Forward® (in-house workshops). We started this in April, as a way to support folks during the pandemic. In addition to checking in on how everyone is doing, each time I also have a question for the group. The question this month was "what are you holding on to that you need to let go of?" There were some great answers. The most popular response by far was control.

I need to let go of control.


Women Moving Forward - July 2020

Graduates from in-house Women Moving Forward® virtual connect July 2020 (over 20 participants from all over the US and Canada)

Control? Of course it was control. This pandemic has caused so much change, so much uncertainty, so much seems out of control. So it makes sense why folks have been trying hard to control something - anything, and then realizing they need to stop. That's progress! It reminds me of a quote I recently read:

"If you want real control, drop the illusion of control."

So in honor of all us recovering control freaks, I thought I would share part of a poem I wrote last year, in the form of a letter to my dear foe, control. Enjoy!

Oh Control, I hate you so
           You are such a liar             
Dressed in white, seeming so right
           When really you belong in the fire
I want to burn your big fat lies
           And all the false promises
I want to eliminate all the effort
           It takes to keep up with the Jones’
You make us think that all it takes
           Is to grasp firmly and work like hell
Control the outcome, control activities
           Control and all will be well
Control my job, Control employees
           Control results and pay
Control my spouse, control my family
           Control others to find their way
Control until you can’t control
           And then go find some more
Well, here’s the deal, dear foe of mine
           It’s you I’ll control going forward
Because I refuse to let you have
Any more of my precious time
I refuse to bow down again
           At the throne of your ugly shrine
You are a phony, master manipulator
Full of empty hope
You are a deceiver, loaded with grief
Making it difficult to cope
I quit your game, Yes I give up
And choose to stand my ground
Simply do my best. Every day
Where much more peace is found
Kate Johnson
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