Favorite Things of 2020

December 21, 2020

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Throughout this past year, one of my favorite things were your comments and feedback. They were encouraging and appreciated. Thank you! Here is one that I enjoyed from last months blog: Is Hope a Strategy?

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this piece on hope. As someone who has used the phrase "hope is not a strategy" LITERALLY in the past week, your commentary really brought me up short. Thanks for making me think..."


Another favorite thing of 2020 was Virtual Workshops - a gift that I never saw coming. I fully expected to always host workshops in person. So when Kelly and Veronica suggested we give it a try I was all in. At first the technology kicked my tail. Getting the right laptop, internet support (what is a gigabyte and why did I need a mesh?!), lighting, sound, yikes. Lots of trial and error. Thankfully my nephew Zachary agreed to be the workshop guinea pig (aka test market). By May we were ready to go and hosted the first ever virtual Managing Corporate Change©. Who knew the virtual version would be as effective as the workshop in person!

A third favorite thing of 2020 was our virtual connects for graduates of Women Moving Forward®. We had our fourth connect in November, and over the past 8 months covered a variety of topics to include how we were managing through the pandemic, what we were learning, how we were taking care of ourselves, leading our families/organizations and what gives us hope. The differences in participants responses were vast. For some, the pandemic has been a fabulous opportunity. Some loved the decreased social demands and increased family time. Others were thrilled to be working from home and excited for that to be a new normal. Some were promoted, some had babies! Conversely, for others, it was a devastating year. Loss of jobs, loss of freedoms, loss of loved ones. Leading to an immense grief that has been, and continues to be overwhelming.

For me, this year has been somewhere in the middle. Some great (favorite things) and some difficult days/sad losses. One of my biggest learnings (ok, relearning) is the importance of being kind. First to myself, so I can in turn be kind to others. As I write this blog today, winter solstice, the shortest and also a favorite day of the year, we turn the corner towards longer days, a new year, vaccines and hope. Let us also remember to keep being kind. To ourselves and to others.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

And may 2021 be your kindest year yet!

Kate Johnson
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