If My Knees Could Talk

April 08, 2024

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Hello Again! It has been awhile since I have shared a post. As it turned out, I took my own advice from my last blog and slowed down quite a bit in the early fall. In hindsight that proved to be helpful, as I entered a season of major change, and turned out to be a perfect time to apply what I have been teaching in our Managing Corporate Change© workshop.


I know many of you have been dealing with a lot of change, too. From corporate restructures, loss of jobs, promotions, retirements, new homes, children leaving the house, illness and death of loved ones. In addition to all the change in our country and world. It's a lot. I know. It has been a lot for me lately too, with my Father passing late last year, and my second knee replacement late last month. While I have (and will continue to have) both good days and sad days, the one thing I do know is that all I need to do is to keep on. Keep on clearing my emotions. Keep on being honest about where I am at. Keep on moving forward, inventing possibilities. Keep on doing a better job of listening to my body and my soul. Get better at hearing the still small voice. Keep on asking for help. Learn to rest and not just push forward.  One day at at time.

So that is where I am at right now. In the messy middle and grateful for it all. Reflecting on the past. Hopeful for the future. Remembering my Dad and rehabbing my knee. Embracing the slow down. Continuing to heal. Resetting. And once again getting clear on my purpose, why I am here and preparing for what's next.

Not too long after my first knee replacement I wrote the poem below, and wanted to share with you. It was a good reminder for me. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you know I am here and ready to support you as you move through your major changes!

If My Knees Could Talk (July 2016)

Psalm 46:10: “…be still and know that I am God”

If my knees could talk, what would they say?
You have got to stop living this way!
Running too hard, and living in fear
Please just stop, and draw near
Near to the One who will light the way
Who loves you right now, no matter the day
The One to whom you have nothing to prove
The One whose plan for you is True!
True to the purpose He put inside of You

So Stop. Pause. Listen and Be
What He is whispering and wants you to see
And realize that “being” will set you free
And that all of this doing, just make us weary
Weary and worn, a life that is torn
So pause vs produce, even just for one day
And hear what great things, our Lord will sure say.  

Kate Johnson
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